Hair Bow

Gaga for Hair Bows. 

Step by step guide to hair bows.

Step by step guide to hair bows.

Thanks in large part to being the iconic ‘Lady Gaga hairstyle’, the hair bow has become a popular and fun ‘do.

Whilst the hair bow looks magnificently unachievable, it is actually a quick and easy bun variation that can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

Firstly, take a decent chunk of hair from both the left and right side of the head.

Secondly, begin tying hair into a pony tail, however, when the elastic begins to pull tight as you have threaded it through several times – only pull the pony through half-way (resulting in a sort of bun).

Then divide the bun into two by hooking your fingers in the bun, and pulling outward.

Finally take the remaining hair from the half-pony-half-bun which will be directly underneath the bun, and wrap it around the divided hair. Wrap it around a couple of times and pin the ends behind with bobby pins.

Wha-la! This one is sure to impress.


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