Transparent Bags

Nothing to hide.

Feeling a bit different? Or looking for a way to glam up an old dress?

A Transparent bag might just be the lift your outfit needs.

These 80’s inspired bags make plastic seem pretty fab, and best of all go with any outfit – considering they are completely clear. Plus, lets face it, we love a bit of vintage inspired anything!

Designs range from completely transparent, to transparent with print overlays, to transparent with coloured cord.

Louis Vuitton jumped on the x-ray bandwagon releasing this bad-boy.

Louis Vuitton Clutch Bag
Louis’ design is less obviously transparent than others, due to the LV print on the plastic fabric, which provides a little bag-privacy. The plastic is slighted misted with a fresh white tinted-colour, leaving the bag semi-transparent, in that only large shapes and dark colours are obvious. For more info and pricing check out:

Forever New Transparent HandbagIf Louis Vuitton is out of the price range, don’t fret! Forever New has a cheap alternate.

In a classic handbag design, the fluro yellow (also available in neon orange) gives the bag a bit of life. Check it out here:

As well as bags, shoes are also sporting the transparent look.


Wittner Black/Silver/Transparent Heel

Wittner recently released these black/silver and transparent heels, also available in brown/metallic tan. Available here:


Zu Black and Spiked, Translucent HeelZu also sports these edgy transparent pumps. Check them out here:


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