Coconut Water


Coconut water has became famous for its heath benefits and ability to hydrate, whilst being super yummy of course – and low in calories. It might have been called a celebrity fad a couple of years ago, but it has survived the test of time, and is still a popular beverage and alternate to juice or soft drink.

An average serving of coconut water contains approximately 46 calories, which is only about 2% of your recommended daily intake! Among these 46 calories per serving, about 79% is made up of carbs, 12% protein and 9% fat.

It has been suggested that coconut water contains calcium, potassium and vitamin C  – but before everyone rushes out to stock up on the stuff, there are several things you should know about coconut water:

Firstly, one serving of coconut water contains about 252 mgs of Sodium which amounts to around 10% of your daily recommended salt intake! The body needs some sodium to function, however in excess has negative effects.

The second thing that you ought to know about coconut water is what brands are worth it! With so many companies bringing out coconut waters, it can be overwhelming knowing which ones to choose – some are pretty nasty- so here are a few of the main brands…

Cocobella Coconut WaterCocobella is a brand that can be found in most grocery stores in Australia. It is a non-refridgerated beverage, so naturally it does have a larger chemical content through preservatives. Cocobello coconut waters come in natural – AKA ‘straight up’, as well as mango, pineapple, and pink guava, and are about $2 each, singly for 330ml popper.

Each of these combined flavours are rather sweet and as such are higher in sugar – they tasted more like a strange juice than coconut water.

H2 Coconut WaterSimilarly, H2 can be found in most Australian grocery stores, and is also purchased as a non-refridgerated coconut water. Although both Cocobella and H2 and bought off the shelf, they are recommended to be drunk chilled. 

H2 is a newer brand on the market. Coconut waters are available in natural, pomegranate acai, and pineapple. Again, an unusual taste, and rather sweet combinations.

Celebes Coconut WaterCelebes coconut water differs from both Cocobella and H2.’
This brand can only be found in specialty supermarkets, organic grocers and selected fruit and veg stores.

It is only available in a natural coconut water flavour and is purchased refridgerated. It is slightly dearer than Cocobella and H2, however has a more authentic coconut taste than them, at about $2.50 per can.

Nakula is my personal favourite. It is also found at  specialty supermarkets, organic grocers and selected fruit and veg stores. It has a great natural coconut taste, and each can sold donates money to providing drinking water to orphanages in Asia – so it’s for a good cause too!

Nakula is the most expensive of each of the coconut waters, and will set you back a hefty $4.00 per can. Although it may seem overpriced for all coconut water first-timers give this one a go! You don’t want your first encounter with coconut water to be a nasty one.

So if your looking for something tastier than water, however lower in sugar than juice and soft drinks, this is your alternate! Ultra refreshing and hydrating coconut water really is summer in a can.


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