The Shellac Attack.

Shellac has become the most popular new alternative to either gel or acrylic nails.

Nail with ShellacStronger than your average manicure, however less expensive and harsh than acrylic or gel nails its easy to see why Shellac is sweeping the nail stakes.

Shellac promises to last 14+ days, so that you can simply ‘set and forget’.

Simiarly to you average manicure, Shellac comprises of a base coat, colour coat and top coat, although are much thicker in consistancy to your average nailpolish.

While it seems like Shellac is ‘gods gift’, in fact it’s a little misleading. What I wasn’t told when I went and got Shellac for the first time was that nailpolish remover will not on its own remove Shellac from the nail.

To remove Shellac you must either purchase Shellac Remover pads: available here and here or you can always go back to the salon where the Shellac was applied.

I have tried to pick it off before, don’t do it! Even with proper removal it is likely that there will be some surface damage to the nail and picking will weaken the nail further.

If your nails are prone to breakage prolonged use of Shellac may weaken the nails, so don’t cross that trusty old manicure appointment off the calender just yet ladies!

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